Anna Kavan

Anna Kavan (1901-1968) was a British writer and artist. She began publishing novels under her married name Helen Ferguson in 1929, and in 1940 began publishing under the name Anna Kavan (one of her own fictional characters). Her writing was often innovative and experimental, influenced by her severe depression and long-term heroin addiction. Other significant writers including Brian Aldiss, J.G.Ballard, Doris Lessing, Anaïs Nin and Jean Rhys have admired Anna Kavan's distinctive style, and she continues to inspire readers, writers and artists today.

Latest News

50th Anniversary Editions of Ice

Anna Kavan's best-known novel Ice was first published in 1967. Fifty years later, it has been reissued as a Penguin Modern Classic (both UK and USA editions), and as a Peter Owen Cased Classic. You can see a preview of Jonathan Letham's Introduction to the US edition in the New York Times.